Best Casio G-Shock Watch for Hiking-Tough Solar,GPS,Triple Sensor & Thermometer

The Casio has toughened its reputation through the creation of remarkable watches. Let’s talk about the most talked and adored series of Casio known as G shock. These watches have set the benchmark for durability, sturdiness, ruggedness, robustness, toughness, and smart functions g-shock watches suited for hiking.

We have exclusively compiled the list of 10 best g shock watches for hiking comprised of triple sensors and unmatchable hardware material.

No matter if you accidentally drop them from heights, faced them with walls or mountains, do swimming wear them, take patience these watches are enough cooked hard to resist the shocks, scratches, shakes, bumps, bounces, and even unbearable temperature.

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Best Casio G-Shock Hiking Watch – Top 10 Comparison

G-Shock Model
Check Price
G-Shock MUDMASTER GWG-1000-1A3
G-Shock Rangeman GW-9400 3CR
G-Shock Mudman Compass G9300-1
G-Shock MUDMASTER GG-1000-1A5
G-Shock Multiband 6 GXW 56BB 1JF
G Shock Rangeman Gw9400 GW-9400-3D
G-Shock Mudmaster Gg-B100-1A3
G-Shock G-Squad GBD-H1000-1JR
G-Shock Tough Solar GAW-100B-7AJF

 1  CASIO G-Shock MUDMASTER Men’s GWG-1000-1A3 –Suitable Heavy Work and Hiking

The style and glare of physical appearance make it a grand choice for bringing it down at heavy construction sites and for hiking trips in unpredictable, harsh, and rugged outdoors. It comes with prime protection against vibrations, mud, soil, dirt, water, sludge, and temperature. top rated G shock GWG-1000-1A3 for hiking

Multiple gaskets are fixed to the exterior of the watch that advances the usability of buttons, furthermore, GWG-1000-1A3 comprised of inner shafts that connect with buttons; this structure of shafts, buttons, and gaskets provides the concrete protection against vibrations and shocks and avoid the dirt to get in the buttons.

The unique thing about CASIO G-Shock MUDMASTER is, it is a combination of an analog and digital display designed and fabricated with smart functions and extraordinary exterior attributes. Long storage solar rechargeable battery, multi-band atomic time regions, and minimum complexity for readability made it Casio’s best g-shock GPS watch.
The band is exclusively suited for men’s wearability, made-up with resin, a wide wrist band length, and black color. Dial material is a pure sapphire crystal that maintains the resistance against accidental shocks and scratches and aid with the best readable screen in any type of environment.

Accurate triple sensors, water resistivity up to 20 ATM, temperature measurement, and rugged design make it the best CASIO GPS tough solar G-Shock watch.

 The Luring Features of CASIO G-Shock Mud Master Men’s GWG-1000-1A3

  • Protection against water, sludge, shocks, mud, scratches, temperature, and dirt
  • Sapphire crystal face for a clean and vivid display
  • Solar rechargeable battery with battery level indication and power save mode
  • Resin band that camouflage as the texture of cloth
  • The face of the watch numbered with Arabic numeral 3, 6,9 and 12
  • Double LED illumination helps a strong display in need of the hour
  • In force screws that lock bezel enhance, the grace and aid s with mud protection
  • Big size display watch with deployment buckle & stainless steel outer case
  • Water resistant 20 ATM (200 meters) (656 feet)
  • GPS and Equipped with 3rd generation ABC  Triple sensors for accurate altitude, barometric pressure and compass readings


  • Automatically picks the signal to correct its own time
  • The accuracy of the altimeter and barometer is matched to iPhone and Suunto
  • Having a big massive size, it is comfortable and nicely wrist
  • Automated solar charge
  • Durable watch with simplicity and easy to adjust and use
  • You can wear it going heavy construction sites


  • Expensive but it worth’s
  • To measure outdoor temperature you have to take it off
  • Maybe a combo of analog and digital features make you confuse

 2  G-Shock Rangeman GW-9400 3CR

Well, necessity knows no manner but the logic, I mean it’s always fruitful and handy to choose a better way to do survival tasks, more precisely to say, a single gadget carries a grand worth that is equal to performance to other individuals carryings for different tasks. Casio Rangeman GW 9400-3cr is comprised of the functions that merit it for hiking g shock watch. Best solar movement digital g shock GW-9400-3CR

Rangeman will be a sticky partner of you; you can test it in watery places, chemical works, dust, sludge and sawdust timber places and you will not regret it.

G shock Rangeman carries the audacity and guts to beat the beastly outdoor situations. Design is inspired by the master of g series that can bear the outstandingly imagine able hard conditions. The band of watch is resin base and the tang buckle makes it comfortable to wear and took it off. The navigation is very prominent to perform the function.

Buttons are smartly fabricated with the resistance against mud, soil, and other foreign elements. Each button is covered with a metal protector having a knurled surface that provides prevention for hasty damages. Its solar charging supports the power-hunger functions to work with stability.

The dial face is accompanied by the mineral screen that helps for better visibility and anti-scratch. Besides its army and sport look g shock style, there are smart sensors that are activated by the center metal button. Censors are included with altitude, barometric pressure, and compass direction. You can differentiate the activation of each sensor by their assigned tunes.

Luring Features of Casio G-Shock Rangeman GW-9400 3CR

  • 200 meters water resistant and low temperature resistant (-10 Degree Celsius)
  • Multi band timekeeping for 6 regions with auto receiver of radio signal
  • Triple sensor direct access button makes it simple in application
  • 7-month battery backup after full charge & automated solar charging to maintain power needs
  • Keeps memory of 40 records for bearing, barometer and time
  • Full LED backlight and afterglow
  • Show graphical barometric data for faster gumption of weather trend
  • The altimeter measuring limit is -700 to 10K meters &10 point digital compass
  • Daylight saving on/off for 48+UTC cities


  • Great resistant for Heavy impact
  • long-lasting durable material
  • Very  long battery backup despite triple sensors
  • Easy to read the main screen
  • Accuracy in barometer & compass
  • Top-class ruggedness, and performance


  • GPS not available but triple sensors only
  • Dial light could be improved
  • Maybe negative display cause visibility issue

 3  G-Shock Mudman Compass G9300-1 – Casio Tough Solar for hiking

Here is another jewel from the sack of Casio but not so much expensive, fancy, and clumsy. Mudman g-9300 has inspired adventure geeks in terms of appearance, style, and performance.  Word of mouth leveraged the unbiased reputation of Gshock Mudman.gshock hiking watch Mudman Compass G9300-1

It is an affordable gshock hiking watch that comes with extraordinary features that include protective attributes, a smart triple sensor, and a moon graph. For better visibility and readability, watch face is fitted with a mineral that also provides profound scratch protection.

Bezel and band are resin manufactured, these components are highly at merit to provide shock, thermal, impact and water resistance that make this tactical Casio watch. Keeping mud and other fluids out, this watch is immune to seize its ultimate performance.

Solar battery charging is the outstanding feature that leaves you out of a burden to change or replace it. More to say and it is confirmed by many users that its battery lasts about 8 months after charging till level 4.

It’s Casio’s triple sensor everyday watch; barometer will update you about atmospheric barometric pressure rise and drop that will aid you to change your route to avoid heavy rain, flood, or beastly conditions.

A temperature sensor that is accurate to measure outdoor temperature (when watch not clasped to writs). The Moon graph will assist you with insights about the new moon and full moon dates. The digital compass will keep you on your planned track and provide the direction degree about currently watch moving status.

Luring Features of GShock Mudman Compass G9300-1

  • Tough Solar movement that eradicates the need for charging or replacing a battery
  • water resistant up to 200 meter that beats tactical watches
  • carbon fiber coating for toughness, ruggedness and durability
  • Nonreflective glass for strong visibility and legibility
  • With Triple sensor, Moon graph, and temperature measurement
  • 8-month battery backup in first full charge & battery indicator (high, medium, low)
  • Suitable for divers to the water depth of 200 meters (Don’t press any button in water)
  • Auto calendar, backlight, 31 time zones, time signal every hour, stopwatch, etc


  • Best standings for abusive use
  • Concrete performance against extreme conditions
  • Easy to configure functions and simple
  • it is an asset not a burden
  • Everyday use sporty look and smartwatch
  • Automatic ON backlight in low visibility
  • Chief choice of plumbers, firefighters, masons, divers, outdoor workers


  • The wrist band needs minor improvements
  • Buttons are a bit hard to press (nature of design)
  • Size is smaller as compared to other g-shocks

 4  Casio G-SHOCK RANGEMAN solar-assisted GPS Navigation GPR-B1000-1 JR

What feature you want in a watch for outdoor purpose, just name it and you will more than that in the master of G series, Casio GPR-B1000 Rangeman.  Top-notch fabrication material with the extraordinary end product.

Heavy bold look, toughest in G shock series, big size dial, rugged and comfy straps built with reinforced carbon fiber, and watch case is like a tank (you cannot shatter it) and add to that, it comprised with gps quarts g shock hiking watch GPR-B1000-1JR

It’s a trustworthy companion that will not let you meager and broken to make the best out of your adventure life. Just has a deep look at it, you will find all your answer. Let me do this!

If you worry about the dirt, soil, sludge, water, fluid, or any other foreign material that will penetrate into it, then you are insinuating wrong about this masterpiece. You may also tease with yourself with the thought of its heavyweight, bulky size and operating procedures, then again my friend you are considering it in a false way.

Outer gaskets provide concrete protection against any kind of impact, shock, particle, and liquids. The rigid carbon tube for straps greatly aids against snitch and expansion.  The sapphire glass for the dial face is highly scratch and shatter resistant.

Triple sensors module with the most accurate readings on the high-resolution screens. Digital compass measures your current route or bearings to keep you the incorrect way. Watch hold the memory to hold the records like altitude, latitude, temperature, and recent routes.

GPS is a knock out the combination for this watch that caused other watches out of its competition. It consumes less power and works seamlessly to connect with satellite and provides your current navigation. Low power Bluetooth connectivity allows us to sync. With laptops and cell phones to access g shock connected applications to create or manage route and log data.

The battery stands 33 hours with GPS and can be automatically solar and wireless charged. the back cover is ceramic made that is a very impressive look, technically it aid wireless charging and strong and fast connectivity for GPS. Keeping all traits in mind, it is the best Casio’s g-shock hiking and military watch.

Luring Features of G-SHOCK RANGEMAN GPR-B1000-1 JR

  • Powered by quartz movement and 200 meter water resistant
  • GPS, Triple senor and dial covered with sapphire crystal
  • 2-meter range low power Bluetooth for connectivity with cell phones
  • G-Shock connected apps can be connected with to manage and create routes
  • The design carries extreme ruggedness, robustness, toughness and reliability
  • Negative display with great readability
  • Carbon tube in the straps avoid violent pull and snatch
  • Moon phase enabled that tells full and new moon dates for the selected region
  • The menu of buttons are easy to navigate and understandable for functions
  • Lithium metal battery solar chargeable
  • The battery lasts with GPS ON to 33-hours
  • Wireless charging with the bottom base gadget
  • Dual Charging capability. Solar charging (constantly in light) & wireless charging takes 5 hours


  • Tough materials watch with crystal sapphire
  • Solar and wireless charging
  • Screen customization
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Reliable and accurate
  • Exact and fast GPS
  • Solid like a beast war tank


  • No heart rate monitor
  • Big size for small wrists
  • Maybe difficult for configuration

 5  Casio G-Shock MUDMASTER GG-1000-1A5

When I just passed a swift look at MUDMASTER GG-1000-1A5, it got me like a striking light. The case is bulky encompassing the amazing structure of the dial. This first thing that amused me was its analog and digital combo.

The crystal sapphire glass is very thorough and vigilant. The outer gasket case and strip bands are resin made while the bezel is fabricated with stainless steel.  The outer structure is designed for shock and impact safety.GG 1000 1A5 GPS G shock for hiking

Contract combination of colors with straps and resin made case made it very appealing specifically the khaki band and black case.  The mature and appealing look of buttons that works with the inner shaft running in outer gaskets, that network support the idea of high resistance against unwanted particular and liquid matters.

It holds plenty of features that add this in the list of g shock watch for hiking. The GG-1000 has a built-in digital temperature sensor with a measuring range of -10 to 60 C. and battery life remains up to 2 years.  Digital compass and water-resistant to 200 meters and it not end here, it also has 31 time zones, 5 daily alarms, and the cherry on cake feature none other than an exact GPS.

The dial has Arabic numbers 12, 3, 6, 9, and powered with quartz movements. This g shock gg-1000 Casio also offers a thermometer and super led to illuminate the negative display for better readability and style.

Luring Features of Casio G-Shock MUDMASTER GG-1000-1A5

  • Battery life indicator (End of life EOL)
  • Thermometer with a range of 14F to 140F
  • GPS, Digital compass & 31 time zones
  • Mud, dust and shock-resistant
  • Appropriate for marines activity (not diving)
  • Mineral screen glass and super illuminating LED
  • Suitable of any kind of water surface sport
  • 660 feet water resistant
  • Vouched choice of marine boot camps
  • Double pin clasp for a solid grip
  • inverse liquid crystal display


  • A long time span of battery power
  • Easy to use daily and light weight
  • Crystal display
  • Robust and tough
  • Easy to set up functions


  • The straps are not flexible enough
  • The backlight does not shine the digital section
  • No tough solar function

 6  Casio G-Shock Multiband 6 GXW 56BB 1JF Review – King Matte Black

This is King G shock 6 band blackout Japanese tough solar timepieces, with matte black and black sideways accents. It has a big size (55.5 × 53.6 × 17.5 mm) combining the display module, bezel, and safety gaskets.  It’s the best basic release g shock that comports the tactical style with tough solar.Tough Solar giking g shock MULTIBAND 6 GXW 56BB 1JF

GXW- 56BB-1-JF is developed with prime materials, authentic for shock and mud resistance. The wrist band is fabricated with resin and black ion-plated (IP).  Due to the thickness of the band, it seems it will not be comfortable, but it is soft as cake and relaxed and light as a bird feather.

The engine module of the timepiece is engulfed with the outer gasket providing a gap between them to ensure utmost safety from impact and shocks. Shock preventive structure surrounds the whole timepiece from the front display to the bottom of the watch that provides the ability to keep water and sweat out of the watch base.

GXW 56BB comes with 2 versions. One with multiband known as GXW 56BB 1JF, it is expensive than the other versions which are without Multiband. You can also view it here as GXW 56BB-1.

Mineral display glass makes the front display very readable and scratch proof, 2 layers mineral crystal will bear the harshest environment in terms of scratch resistivity. King X56 has Standard screws keep the bezel and heavy dial structure in place. LED afterglow backlight operated manually, aids the user for ultimate dial illumination low visibility.

Luring Features of GXW 56BB 1JF

  • Tough solar square watch, confiscate the battery replacing need
  • Compatible for a harsh and challenging environment
  • Rugged, tough, and sturdy
  • 2 layers Mineral Glass
  • 200 meter water resistance
  • Battery level indicator and daylight saving on/off
  • Countdown timer, hourly alarm, and stop watch
  • 31 time world time zones & 48 cities
  • Fluorescent green backlight
  • Automatic received radio signals for correct time and date 


  • Have tough solar function
  • Comfortable straps
  • Water resistance
  • Easy to use
  • A durable and functional watch
  • Negative display stealth dial version
  • Mud, and shock-resistant


  • Buttons are hard to press
  • Negative display could be a bit problem in outside
  • Not seems good at small wrists

 7  Casio G Shock Rangeman Triple Sensor Gw9400 GW-9400-3D Review

This looks insanely the same as the GW 9400 G shock but there is a significant difference in their core prime functions. This model is also affiliated with this GW-9400-3DR (G486).  It developed to withstand against any kind of unwilling environmental conditions.Best Triple sensor tough hiking G SHOCK RANGEMAN GW9400 GW-9400-3D

It comports tactical features. Equipped with triple ABC sensors, tough solar, and 6 multiband timekeeping.  The basic Rangeman gw9400-1 resembles it in the way of the main look, but if you dig deep you will notice the display panel is more visible as compared to the basic gw-9400-1.

The black dial color display divided into a section for different functions that includes the graphical display of altitude, cardinal direction, and degree display for digital compass and barometer reading. The outer case is considerably thick that gives the gumption of its resistivity against high shocks.

Casio offers this hiking Casio gshock watch with 6 multiband, 31 time zones, and 48 cities, and watch configures itself automatically for time and date corrections. 20 bar Water resistant that makes it a good choice for marines and water surface sports.

Luring Features of G Shock Rangeman Triple Sensor Gw9400 GW-9400-3D

  • Tough solar-powered watch that backed for power stability
  • Solely dedicated watch for extremely challenging environments
  • Highly accurate ABC triple sensor can be activated with one main button
  • Tough like a tank and 200-meter water resistive
  • Hourly alarm, countdown and stop watch
  • Black dial negative display watch face
  • The automatic backlight in low visibility


  • Highly durable and accurate
  • Tough Solar with Triple Sensor
  • Tough and Rugged design, Mineral glass


  • The inverse display may be hard to read initially

 8  Casio G-Shock Mudmaster Gg-B100-1A3 Review – Quad Sensor Hiking Watch

GGB100-1A3 is a quad sensor, Analog-Digital quartz movement Bluetooth hiking watch. The main case, bezel and posterior of watch are beautifully and heavily structured.  GG B100 Mudmaster vested with Bluetooth connectivity that proved helpful for the user to set it up easily through the smartphone having g shock’s free Android/iOS application installed.Bluetooth g shock casio watch Mudmaster GG-B100-1A3JF

The whole watch module is encompassed by a carbon core guarded structure that includes a resin case, a triple-layered bezel with carbon fiber inserted between fine 2 resin sheets, and dual covered posterior of watch including a steel plate and resin sheet. That makes this watch dedicated to shock absorption and the best performance for challenging and bouncy conditions.

Metallic buttons are pretty rigid and tough.  The buttons, bezel, case and inner watch main module are connected through inner shafts or pipes that assist the buttons to resist the invading the microscopic foreign particles and mud.

As mentioned before, it comes with a dual-display function that makes it attractive, classic, and smart. There is scratch-resistant mineral crystal glass over the main watch face.  Another prime feature is, there are dedicated buttons for performing functions like compass, barometric, and altimeter activation.

This is a quad sensor mudmaster g shock hiking watch that includes a step counter/accelerometer as a fourth activity tracker and surprisingly there is a temperature sensor too in this g shock hiking watch module. These are power-hungry functions but lithium metal batteries replaceable battery provides stable power for years and there is no solar charging feature.

You can select the current region for time and date correction by connecting it to cell phone because there is no radio signal option in this model, and it is more advance in a place like where are no radio towers.  Further, you can see the sunrise and sunset timing for the current regions that are very resourceful during hiking in an unexplored area.

Luring Features of Quad Sensor Casio G-Shock Mudmaster Gg-B100-1A3JF

  • 20 Bar (200-meters) water resistance
  • Digital Quad sensor (Digital compass + Barometer for weather alert +Altitude+ Activity Tracker)
  • Dual covered watch back (Stainless steel plate + Resin Sheet)
  • Round watch with dual display (Analog + Digital)
  • Temperature measurement (Fahrenheit and Celcius)
  • Mud, Shock, & impact resistance
  • Carbon core guard structure with carbon fiber reinforced resin case
  • Triple-layered bezel with carbon fiber sheet between the fine resin
  • Mission Log function with the recorded values of GPS and altitude
  • Automatic time adjustment for world time over 300 cities with the Bluetooth
  • Bluetooth connectivity to cell phone and perform settings in G Shock free app
  • Powerful manual LED illuminator


  • Long time Battery timing
  • Rigid and Tough (A to Z)
  • Appropriate for small wrists too
  • Very visible and readable
  • Accurate quad sensors
  • Cell phone connectivity


  • No Solar Charging
  • Could be time taking for understanding functionality

 9  Casio G-Shock G-Squad GBD-H1000-1JR –Bluetooth & GPS

G SHOCK marketed gbd-h1000 in May 2020. This G squad model is entitled as fitness and gshock hiking watch with incorporated GPS. Having all its bells and whistles, you will not complain about its efficiency during hiking, survival and any kind of training digital 5 sensor g shock G-Squad GBD-H1000-1JR

Watch buttons are very alluring and tactical; they are metallic reinforced crown buttons. The main dial display is fixed with sapphire glass. Carbon fiber straps with double mesh provide a strong and comfortable grip. Watch casing offers prime resistance against impact and thudding during exercise and hiking.

Japanese model is not equipped with a heart rate sensor but the aesthetically resembling model GBD-H1000-8CR  contains the optical heart rate monitor and USB charging for power-consuming functions, but these models have not matched material for bands, bezel, and buttons and have mineral glass display that’s why they are cheaper than Japanese model.

GBD-H1000-IJR IS domestic model comprises 5 sensors that include GPS, Bluetooth, and triple sensors (Auto horizontal compensation Compass, Barometer & Altimeter). The display is very vigilant, appealing, and readable, that powered by memory in pixel (MIP) that is energy saving.

Bluetooth provides a smart connection with your cell phone and you can easily configure the g-shock gbd h100-ijr through the installed free g shock app.

Luring Features of Casio G-Shock G-Squad GBD-H1000-1JR

  • Tough Solar watch to maintain power stability
  • GPS positioning to track current track positioning
  • Triple sensor with an auto horizontal compass
  • Metallic reinforced buttons
  • Water-resistant 200 meters that allow its use for water surface sports
  • Low temperature resistant
  • MIP energy-saving clear display screen
  • Temperature measurement
  • Bluetooth connectivity with a smartphone for easy configuration


  • It’s like a small bird pack with a strong punch
  • sunrise and sunset
  • the display is large and highly visible
  • Power saving
  • Moon and tide timings
  • Solar charging


  • No notification and heart rate monitor in the Japanese model

 10  Affordable Casio G-Shock Tough Solar GAW-100B-7AJF – Tough Solar Multi Band 6

This is a cheap g shock hiking watch with amazing basic features that you want in hiking shock. GAW-100B is an analog timepiece watch along with the digital presentation of other parameters (Hour, minute, second, pm, date, day) solar charging, battery level indicator and date. best water resistant and tough solar g shock for hiking GAW-100B-7AJF

The chief features include tough solar and radio-controlled 6 multiband. The outer case gasket is a resin made that provides shock resistivity while the bezel is stainless steel made that adds extra protection against mud invasion and impacts.

The complete unit is constructed with the intention to resist water entry up to 20 bar (660 feet). The master display watch screen has a mineral crystal screen which is known for his extraordinary scratch resistivity.  Offers multiband 6 with automatic radio controlled receiving for time and date up-gradation and a world time of 48 cities with daylight saving.

The watch face is completely illuminated by automatic led with afterglow, hour, and minute watch have a separate illumination source for energy saving.

A battery can withstand to powering the watch for 8 months after the first charge and without exposure to light, while it can be increased to 19 months when stored in darkness with enabled power save function. GAW-100B-7AJF is the best option for an affordable g shock watch for hiking.

Luring Features of G-Shock Tough Solar GAW-100B

  • Tough solar with long battery backup
  • 6 multiband with automatic radio transmission covers 48+ worldwide cities
  • Resin case, SS bezel, and mineral glass
  • Shock protection and 200-meter water resistance
  • Double auto LED light for super brightness
  • Stopwatch, countdown timer, and quartz movement
  • Its size is suitable for the woman


  • Affordable g shock
  • Solar charging
  • Power saving
  • Full charge battery stands for months
  • Chronograph display
  • Suitable to wear every day
  • Fits plain clothes
  • Moon and tide timings
  • Solar charging
  • Radio solar system


  • Could be heavy (72 gram)
  • digital part is hard to see in a day

Wrapping Up

We have reviewed the best g shock hiking watches to give you a detailed overview to help your selection. All g shocks models are well maintained designed and provided with mandatory to advance options that help your journey.

For the unexplored, harsh, and challenging outdoors GWG-1000-1A3  is a recommended choice. While for the best price g shock hiking watch Rangeman GW-9400  is preferred.

We also have sorted out other brands hiking watches under 100, under $200. Don’t limit your passion to keep exploring.