Best Hiking Watches Under $200 Reviews & Buying Guide 2022

The clamor of Human Winnings is trumpeting like an elephant, But Yet various wonders need to be discovered and understood.  I subject Curiosity as the blessing of Mighty Creator that ignites our soul to lift the veil from the marvels of nature. There are many modes for adventure with the prime purpose of knowing the mighty lands, mountains, rivers, and oceans.

Hiking watch should fulfill all adventure needs like the location trackback, Robust material, Triple sensor, GPS, Enough battery backup, and connectivity with smartphone and 3rd party apps for customization. Moreover, we have compiled a list of watches, some of these watches come with a heart rate monitor, pedometer, sleep, and activity monitor along with all other prime features.


     Best Hiking Watches under $200 in 2022Best Hiking watches under $200 in 2020

From the box of hiking gear, a hiking watch is a meticulous gadget that needs to be selected wisely. Hiking watch should be hard looking, smart, exact, comfortable, and reliable. Keeping the salient features in mind, we have arranged a presentation of budget-friendly best-hiking watches under $200.

1. Suunto Core Wrist-Top Computer ABC Watch – Depth Measure & Weather Graph

Suunto is a remarkable and evolving name in the industry of smartwatches. Suunto Core model carved its place due to its interesting, distinctive features that are considered before a long outdoor trip. We are going to talk about it now briefly.Watch for hiking under 200 suunto core abc watch

The design and appearance are comfy and also available in more color variations. The stainless steel Buckle clasp is easy to unlatch and strong enough to stand under strain & force.

This watch carries a smart triple sensor altimeter, barometer, the compass that will update about vertical height in terms of total ascend and descend whether you are on the bicycle or walking through the cliffy places. The barometer will keep a deep eye on the air pressure during the hike. Inclination and change in atmospheric air pressure are graphed on the screen.

Suunto core is outfitted with a computer that will aggregate the barometric and altimeter data to forecast the possible weather conditions. Four hundred world locations for the time of sunrise and sunset are injected in the watch. The presence of an exact compass protects from getting into wrong directions, which have proved a life-saving feature.

Other core features include depth gauge that will be resourceful during swimming and snorkeling diving adventure. The depth meter is programmed to update its user for the current depth and maximum depth in meters.

Stopwatch, countdown timer, alarms, dual time, and sporty chronographic display make Suunto core sportier.  The bezel is pinched with directions to use and easy to navigate the watch for different uses. A backlight is available to provide brightness watch display in the dark. Buttons are very soft and did not miss any pressing. The strap is fabricated with a high-quality rubber that does not mind any drastic cold and heat environment.

Salient Features of Suunto Core:

  • The presence of accurate ABC sensors provides important insights related to weather, heights, and Directions
  • Reliable Compass and Weather forecast on a database of barometer and altimeter
  • Sunrise and sunset time updates of around 400 countries
  • Graphical display for heights and barometer
  • Depth gauge for snorkeling diving with info of current and maximum depth
  • Big Sporty display and backlight
  • Dual time, chorography stopwatch and Countdown times along Alarm setting

<strong>What we liked</strong>
  • Comfortable strap
  • Accurate Altimeter
  • and barometer
  • Strom Alarm
  • the strap is convertible
  • lightweight and Good Battery Timing
<strong>What we don't like</strong>
  • Initially difficult to understand and use
  • Buttons could create problem in the desert
  • watch service is only available at Suunto

2. Garmin Instinct Tough and Rugged watch – GPS Outdoor Watch

Admirable Garmin is renowned and emerging to outclass other smartwatch brands. Garmin introduced various outdoor watch models that are famous in hikers, bikers, and swimmers. Garmin instinct is like a proud of their manufacturers. It is an ideal watch with admirable features that should be in a cheap budget-friendly hiking watch. It carries such options that will never cease to amuse you even after years of its under 200 dollars Garmin instinct hiking watch

Garmin instinct has a smart look and options available in different colors. Possession of such a rugged and tough watch is pride. Display and Dial are big and easy to navigate. Knurled buttons are not clumsy and hard. The lens of the display is scratch-resistant and contrast enough to navigate and observe the readings easily.  The case is fabricated with a high reinforced polymer that is a hard nut to crack against heat, shock, and water.

Fabrication material is rough and robust that meant to bear drastic environmental stress. The strap is silicone made that makes it easy to wear and bear. The prime feature is GPS that makes this watch hard to leave. You are also capable to use the service of multiple global satellites rather than GPS only.

Salient Features of Garmin Instinct, Rugged Outdoor Watch with GPS:

  • Connectivity with Smartphone to receive updates of social media, call, and text
  • Upload data to Garmin fitness community
  • Provide a trackback route that will easy your return from the safe route
  • Connectivity with GPS, Glonass, and Galileo to get in-depth insights about your positions in the hardest environment
  • It comes with built-in training profiles for running, hiking, and biking. Furthermore, watch monitor your heart rate, activity, and work out stress to let you know how far you have gone.
  • Military standard 810G provides Protection against heat, shock, and water damages.
  • Battery Timing is smartwatch is 14 days while around 16 hours in GPS mode and 40 hours for using battery saver mode known as ultratrac

<strong>What we liked</strong>
  • Lightweight and comfortable with easy keys and fast display
  • Accurate ABC Sensor working
  • Easy user interface
  • Exceptional battery timing with different modes, heart rate activity monitor
  • fabricated with reinforced polymer
  • Smartphone connectivity
  • fast GPS connection establishment with 3 satellites
<strong>What we don't like</strong>
  • Band length could be improved for fat wrists
  • Vibration is a bit louder

3. Garmin Fenix 3 GPS Watch – 3 Axis compass & ABC Sensors

Garmin Fenix 3 is profoundly an eligible touch screen watch to bring it on trekking, cycling, and hiking trip. Physical presentation is great; I mean 1.2-inch display with easy to read advantage even in the sharp glare of sunlight. Bezel made of PVD stainless steel. The wrist band is soft and fabricated with silicone, while outer housing is constructed with a highly reinforced polymer that provides toughness and durability to watch.garmin fenix 3 best gps hiking watch for 200

The display of the screen is aided by a backlight that helps to manage data and readings in the dark. GPS can be paired with Glonass and EPO with stainless steel EXO antenna to observe and pin the present location quicker than GPS. The facility to pair up with Smartphone will remove your hustle to repeatedly watch the cell phone for the updates, by connecting it with Garmin you will be easily notified with all social, emails, call and message updates. Moreover, WiFi connectivity will make you able to upload the data on the Garmin app.

3 axis compass and barometric altimeter and route trackback features are cherries on the cake for this kind of watch. To advance the running capabilities, Garmin Fenix 3 incorporates with running dynamics measures that include, VO2 max, ground contact time along with vertical oscillation.

Salient Features of Garmin Fenix 3:

  • Compatible with the Connect IQ app to customize the user interface with multiple display faces
  • Multiple satellite pairing facility to get more precise and quick location data
  • Routes can be shared online through the aid of Bluetooth and ANT+ smart wireless features
  • Chroma display screen with backlight to access data in night
  • Precise environmental data by altimeter and barometer
  • Long battery backup in smartwatch mode
  • Rough, Tough and Robust due to silicon wrist band and polymer casing

<strong>What we liked</strong>
  • Touch screen with the android operating system
  • Fast GPS coupling
  • Durable material
  • we can read notification on the watch screen without bothering our smartphone
<strong>What we don't like</strong>
  • Sometimes takes a while to connect to wifi
  • Takes time to learn its options and customize it according to need

4. SUUNTO Core All Black Military Men’s Watch – Computer ABC watch with the weather forecast

Suunto has cheered everyone in the sense of style and look of their watches. Whether if someone likes solo, sporty, simple, fancy, and military-style watches, don’t worry Suunto will take care of you. Suunto Core is a whole black men’s watch equipped with tactical sensors.

Suunto core round and quartz watch emerged as a reliable companion through the hard ways if wilderness and whiteouts. A 24mm silicone wrist band with black color is comfortable and hard. The outer case is fabricated with carbon fiber while the bezel is made of aluminum; the bezel is marked with compass directions.sunnto core military abc watch for hiking around 200 dollars

Prime features include three important sensors altimeter, barometer, and compass. When you are advancing and ascending, the altimeter will keep you update about current height and total ascend and descend. Computer-based barometer provides considerably certain insights about coming storms, heavy rain, or flood while you are enjoying the singing gathering in base camp.

While walking or climbing you can forget to track yourself in the wilderness and whiteouts, There is no need to panic then because Suunto Core is fitted with a compass to navigate the current direction in sporty conditions.

Mineral material of the main display lens prevents it from getting scratched and dull. The backlight feature makes it easy to read the data during the night while the watch has the privilege to show the sunrise and sunset timing of 400 locations around the globe.

Extra features include alarm with snoozing, 100-meter water-resistant, and don’t press any button underwater, temperature-resistant from -5 to 140 °F, barometer range up to 1100 mbar starting from 300 mbar.

Salient Features of Suunto Core Hiking Watch:

  • Aluminum Bezel, silicone band, and carbon fiber outer case made it rough and rugged
  • Lightweight and available in alluring designs
  • Easy to read in the sunlight and low battery timing warning
  • Able to measure depth up to 30 feet
  • 7 days memory for triple sensor data and other parameters
  • Dual time, calendar clock and 1-day alarm with snoozing option

<strong>What we liked</strong>
  • High Resolution up to 1 meter
  • straps are convertible easily in a short time
  • low battery indicator
<strong>What we don't like</strong>
  • The large display may be uncomfortable for you
  • Straps would crack for the fat wrists
  • initially watch need most of your time to explore its features

5. Casio Men’s PAG240T Pathfinder – Triple-Sensor ABC Stainless Steel Watch

The Casio cemented its brand reputation over the worthy watches which are available in a handful of design, colors, functions, and smart options.  Casio Pathfinder carries triple sensor navigation that makes it prone to getting attention.Casio Men's PAG240T Pathfinder Triple-Sensor watch for outdoor under 200$

Possessing sporty design, large digital display, titanium color, and metal bracelets made it an ideal choice for the athletic person. The uniqueness lies in the specific band material which is built with titanium, a lightweight, and alluring natural appearance. The bezel is resin constructed and imprinted with direction marks while the outer case is stainless steel made.

Major functions possessed by Casio Pathfinder are the digital compass, exact altimeter, barometer, low-temperature resistance, and solar charging. Mineral lends is capable to withstand the scratches and breaking.

Salient Features of Casio Men’s PAG240T Pathfinder:

  • Round watch with quartz movement
  • Battery able to charged with UV and sunlight
  • 5 daily alarms, stopwatch and Thermometer reading
  • Automatic Backlight luminous for low light and night vision
  • ABC triple sensors and 330 feet of water damage resistance
  • This Casio Tough solar watch’s battery provides backup of 5 to 23 months without charging

<strong>What we liked</strong>
  • The integrated solar panel is able to charge the watch’s battery using sunlight and ultraviolet UV
  • 31 time zones, tough solar watch for outdoor purposes
  • titanium bracelet
<strong>What we don't like</strong>
  • The compass needs a little workout for the area you are going out
  • the band can be customized but through watch service
  • the clasp is flimsy

6. G-Shock GW2310 Atomic Solar – Automatic Backlight and Japanese Quartz

No doubt, G-Shock GW2310 Atomic Solar has obstinate features to tolerate the abusing usage. Trump card is it belongs to best watchfor hiking under $100. Resin band with standard width and length and normal to wear at gym, sports, and office use. Round shape and display are good which cause easy to read it. Watch is light, weight, and powered by quartz movement wile bezel is stationary. The ability to withstand against water is up to 660 ft and comfortable for surface water activities.G-shock Best tough solar casio hiking watch

The advanced capacity feature is solar charging. A fully charged battery can provide a 26-month power supply in energy-saving mode. Multiband options allow this watch to provide the time of 6 countries.

Extra options include alarm, stopwatch, EL backlight, and power save function. According to its look, you will find it stealth and rough but it has not any ABC sensors. No altimeter for height, no barometer for air pressure, and no compass.

Salient Features of G-Shock GW2310 Atomic Solar:

  • Lightweight and comprised of Tough solar, Backlight Fully Automatic Light
  • Multi-Band 6 Atomic Timekeeping
  • Power saving mode to extend backup up t0 26 months after full charging
  • With the Luxury of solar charging
  • Automatically synchronize with time servers
  • Rough and Tough for outdoor use

<strong>What we liked</strong>
  • Solar charging battery
  • Long battery backup
  • Multi-band atomic timekeeping
  • tough material, comfortable
  • Japanese quartz movement digital display
<strong>What we don't like</strong>
  • Readability needs to be improved
  • Band length is a bit short for thick wrist

7. Garmin vivoactive 3 – GPS Smartwatch

Garmin watches that will warm up the cockles of men’s heart for its sleek design, colorful icon display with the chief advantage of GPS. You may desire such a watch that can be wear for indoor sports activities, outdoor adventures, yoga, and running. So, Hold on, Garmin Vivoactive 3 have the privilege to make your dream come hiking watch with gps garmin vivoactive 3 under 200

Actually, it is more than that; you will enjoy the perks of GPS watch which means you can find your present location, pace, and distance traveled.  Watch chroma display is admirable due to ease of reading even in the prosperity of sunlight.

The display screen is very much durable and tough because it is enclosed in the corning gorilla glass. 15 apps are preloaded that will aid you in outdoor and indoor different activities and you can use them as you see fit for their uses, you also don’t need to go face to face for payments because of the contactless payment option.

Heart rate monitor, activity monitor, stress observer, VO2  for fitness level are all perks you can have with this watch. The watch user interface can be altered and customized with the help of Connect IQ.

The watch is lightweight due to the material consumed. The bezel and rear cover are stainless steel built, the outer housing is a fiber-reinforced polymer made.  The battery is rechargeable and provides backup up t0 13 hours with GPS and 7 days with smart mode. Gladly, a list has been compiled for best Garmin watches including GPS and other fitness and health options.

Salient Features of Garmin vivoactive 3:

  • Wrist-based optical heart rate monitor, Stress monitor
  • GPS for location, pace, and distance covered
  • Preloaded app for running, swimming, yoga, and walking
  • Customizable screen interface with the aid of the Connect IQ store app
  • Customizable widgets and sideswipe feature
  • Daily fitness insights to help you for productive practices and exercises
  • Compatible to synchronize with a smartphone to get all update like texts, calls, emails and social feed on the wrist
  • Bluetooth connectivity as a communication means

<strong>What we liked</strong>
  • Accurate heart rate
  • stress rate and sleep rate monitor
  • Customizable user interface and screen face
  • Connectivity with the cell phone
  • GPS tracks way during cycling
  • running, climbing and Hiking
<strong>What we don't like</strong>
  • Uploading maps and routes take time to learn during the first trip
  • Pairing and setting it up takes time

8. Lad Weather Altimeter Barometer Compass Watch: HR Monitor, Thermometer Rechargeable

Lad weather released the best price hiking watch under 200 dollars. Spending good bucks could be a nightmare if that thing does not worth it. I am suggesting here to just focus on the name of the watch. A watch with a deal-breaker attributes like Triple ABC sensors, temperature measurement, pedometer, and heart rate monitor.Lad Weather abc hiking watch under 200 with HR monitor climbing trekking

Negative display leads to more backup time and the screen is easy to read. Direction imprinted Bezel is stationary while the back cover also aluminum made. Polyurethane is consumed for strap while screen glass is acrylic made.

The altimeter corresponds to the current height with graph and beeps when altitude becomes equal to the set value or higher than it.  The barometer exposes chart base info about the changes in air pressure. Compass has a digital display with features of a compass lock.

Extra features are automatic backlight, low battery warning, USB charging, and 30 meters water-resistant. Watch has 3.5 months of battery timing in time mode.

Salient Features of Lad Weather Altimeter Barometer Watch:

  • Pedometer while jogging, Triple sensor (Barometer, Altimeter, Digital Compass) and Heart rate monitor
  • Digital quartz movement, Lightweight, and 30-meter water damage prevention
  • Scratch-resistant Dial window
  • Weather forecasting based on barometer data
  • Graphical display of altimeter data and chart of barometer
  • Thermometer (14 to 140 Degree Fahrenheit )

<strong>What we liked</strong>
  • Accurate barometer and distance covered after putting the watch in trip mode
  • exact pulse rate monitor and altimeter
  • Not bulky and comfy
<strong>What we don't like</strong>
  • Battery drains slightly faster after switching to Heart rate counter
  • Buttons can be press accidentally but that can be avoided
  • Compass needs calibration

9. Casio Men’s Pro Trek PRG-270-1 – Tough Solar Triple Sensor Multifunction Digital Watch

This watch is the product of sport style and smartness. Casio always has been so much generous to add value to hiking and sports watches for men. The design possibility of Casio g shock watches seems alike but there is a considerable difference in terms of sensors, display, and material.Casio Pro Trek PRG-270-1 Tough Solar Triple Sensor hiking watch

Casio Trek 270-1 is a tough solar watch with an altimeter, barometer, and digital compass. The material of the strap and stationery bezel is resin while the display window is mineral fabricated for which is good for resisting scratches.

Prime features possessed by Casio Trek PRG 270 are chargeable with solar and UV light that eradicates the time required to change the batteries or plug into the charging dock. The battery can stand to power the watch for 9 months after full time charging. The watch will work in the best state even in the low temperature as -7 °C (14°F) which means it has resistant against low temperature.

Other alluring features incorporated in it are multi-alarm, stopwatch with three modes, 31 time zones, and automatic afterglow backlight. Altimeter readings can be store manually up to 30 records along with time, date, and altitude. Well by all means this is affordable ABC watch you will be no doggone over your decision. Literally it is one of best hiking watches that can be reliable companion.

Salient Features of Casio Men’s Pro Trek PRG-270-1:

  • 9 Month battery backup after first full charge
  • Chargeable with UV and Sun Light
  • Triple sensor ABC watch
  • Reliable and full-bodied Material
  • Thermometer reading and low-temperature resistance
  • Water resistance up to 100 meters
  • Don’t need to replace the battery or plugin for charging

<strong>What we liked</strong>
  • Affordable slid and cheap
  • comfortable and reliable
  • long battery backup has all features as a tool watch
  • exactness in altimeter
  • barometer, and compass
  • tough against the brick
  • wall and abusive environment
<strong>What we don't like</strong>
  • No auto adjustment for time for other zones
  • The band is comfy but prone to crack after abusive usage
  • need to unbuckle the watch for better temperature reading

10. Suunto Core Wrist Top Computer Hiking Watch – ABC sensors, Tracks weather & Sun, Depth Meter

A sustainable regular black watch with a big round display comprised of chief options altimeter, digital compass, and barometer. The bezel is embossed with direction marks. The face background color is light enough to observe the output of all sensors and other functions.Suunto Core Wrist-Top Computer under 200 dollars Watch with depth measurement

The strap is soft and rough and the bezel is aluminum-based with a natural shine.  Depth measurement will aid you to find current and maximum depth underwater for the duration of the snorkeling dive. The altimeter keeps your progress insights in terms of current height and maximum elevation, all these inclination records denoted on screen by a graph.

The barometer functions not only to measure the outdoor pressure for different height but provides updates for coming weather that can give you plenty of time to get prepare for the storm, hurricane, or heavy rainfall that can cause a flood in your way.

Adventure hardships make us jagged all the way to the throat which causes sleeping and procrastination but Suunto core computer watch will track the sun over 400 locations and give you beep to pack up.

Salient Features of Suunto Wrist Computer-based ABC Watch for hiking:

  • Combination of Depth measurement meter and triple sensor
  • White Background with Black Digits
  • Graphical depiction of altimeter data
  • Customizable options for dates
  • Can withstand normal abusive use
  • Straps can be converted as you want
  • Storm alert

<strong>What we liked</strong>
  • Good looking watch with depth meter and ABC sensors
  • Good battery timing that could last 1 year
  • sunrise and set the timing for 400 location that easies for planning and decision making
<strong>What we don't like</strong>
  • Storm alarm is accurate but drains the battery faster
  • Dust could cause buttons to become clumsy and hard

11. Casio Men’s Pro Trek PRW-3000-1CR – Tough Solar Triple Sensor Multifunction Hiking Watch

Casio watches earned their place among tough solar watches. Adventure buff prefers less luggage and things that proved as a liability and proving this they preferred smart and tough gadgets to ease their outdoor adventure. Most watch mother material is the resin which is used for the stationary bezel, strap, and outer case while the dial screen is a mineral made to avoid multifunction tough solar watch Casio Men's Pro Trek PRW-3000-1CR

Enterprise feature is solar charging buys a solar panel installed in the front face that charges battery by sun rays and ultraviolet UV. The background of the screen is grey and digits are black that makes it good enough for reading though there is also a backlight for low light.

It is a multiband atomic band watch that provides auto synchronized time for 6 countries. 100-meter water-resistant capability along with low-temperature resistance up to -10°C.

Bezel if the watch is engraved with marks about low battery alert, storm warning, and indicator for time sync for other zones.  It is a complete solar tough triple sensor abc hiking watch under 200 dollars that will make your outing time better and safe.

Salient Features Casio Men’s Pro Trek PRW-3000-1CR:

  • 7-month long battery backup after full charge
  • Dual time, countdown, Alarms
  • Comfy band material, army design
  • ABC triple sensors i.e. altimeter, barometer, and compass
  • Thermometer and backlight
  • Lightweight and smallest watch

<strong>What we liked</strong>
  • Accurate storm alert
  • durable battery timing and solar charging
  • multiband atomic timekeeping
<strong>What we don't like</strong>
  • Winter wool clothes can cause this watch to self-resetting due to static charge
  • The bezel is prone to scratches
  • minutes as minimum time increment

Prove Key factors to keep in mind before buying sports hiking watch

ABC sensors/Altimeter/Barometer & Compass

If you are planning to go in the wilderness and cliffy area then you should go with the ABC watch that will update you about vertical distance, heights, air pressure, present direction, and weather updates.

Strap/Band/outer case/ Dial window material

Outdoor watches are rouged and robust due to their material. So select the watch according to your need and comfortable to wear. Resin is a commonly used material for most watches while polymer reinforced material also being used. Dial window could be made of acrylic, sapphire, and mineral. Acrylic is susceptible to scratches while the other two are resistant to such damage.

GPS/Pedometer/Thermometer/Heart Rate Monitor

Having a GPS watch is a reliable companion, you can easily get your pinpoint location data anywhere. You can upload easily your maps and routes to track your destination and also trackback. A pedometer helps you to count your step while you are on a treadmill, running, walking, or hiking out.

A thermometer could be resourceful while you are in a hot area, you can take a nap under some shade to avoid sunburn. Heart rate monitor is an extra option but it is mandatory if you have cardiovascular heart disease. It will help you to find your BPM and let you decide about the activity.

Battery Timing/Solar Charge/Chargeable battery

Most tours end in a week or in a month. But you should keep in mind to keep a watch that will withstand plenty of time with all its sensors and advanced features like GPS and ABC sensors if a watch has them. Suunto and Casio launched their solar tough watches that are affordable and priced under $200. But some watches with GPS have few hours of battery timing after the first recharge when in GPS mode in working.


Smartwatches should be preferred if your pocket allows you because they are engineered to provide the ability to pair up with cell phones and update you about all notifications that appeared in the cell phones.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

Do static charge effect on sport watches?

Yes, few watches observed under this problem. Especially in winter wool clothes and sweaters store static charges in them that cause a watch to reset itself and you have to correct all its parameters like time and date. So, you have to dress out a wool sweater before clasping such watches. One of the Casio watches has reported such a complain.

Does the barometer of the watch work perfectly on an airplane?

No, the reading will be not reliable because the airplane has its cabin pressurized. While in a small plane that is not under artificial pressure will not affect the barometric reading of the watch.

What is Positive and Negative display hiking watch?

A negative display watch has a dark or grey background having light numbers, digits, and icons. While Positive display watch has colored background and digits are Dark.

Is it worth to buy a hiking outdoor watch under 200?

Yes, they really worth it. For example, just have a look at Garmin instincts, Suunto, and G-shock watches. These come with prime features like ABC sensors while some have GPS in them.

Putting it altogether

So, we have done a bit of heavy lifting for you. We have some suggestions about what you should consider more. All watches here are best in their categories and use but we have found Garmin Instinct, Garmin Vivoactive, and Casio Men’s Pro Trek more advanced.