How to Plan Complete Hiking Trip – 10 Point Guide

Planning hike before setting your feet for the tour will avoid you from regrets and life-threatening events. Actually, it is a matter of grave importance to keenly look upon many factors to plan your hike smoothly and safely.

You have to find about the route, enquire about weather conditions, and sort out the gadgets that you will be needed to overcome the navigation and weather updates.

So, here we have a hiking trip plan constituted with important considerations that will certainly plan the trip efficiently and wisely.

Chunk your planning into five main Basic Rules to prepare for hiking

  1. What kind of hike and then trail you will select.
    2. Kind of food that will be most beneficial during the trip
    3. What items and how to pack the rucksack
    4. What kind of difficulties you can face and what items you will need to overcome them.
    5. How you will react in case of any emergency, you need to devise the emergency plan to avoid panic


How to Plan Hiking Trip – Keep These Parameters in Mind

1. Route/ Trail Planning

Take advice from an experienced hiker or consult with a travel agency that could provide you the locations to choose the best feasible hike location. After selecting the hiking area, go for the trails. Trails have different styles; thoroughly observe the maps to find the trail which suited you the most.

Google maps are the most reliable way to explore any area in the world and in the specific area too. After fixing the trail, always keep a print out map with you, try to explore it, and discuss it with friends and related persons that could guide you.

There are hiking GPS watches available in the market, that comes with preloaded TOPO and solo maps which will ease the navigation and positioning for you in challenging situations.

2. Starting Point Details

It is like a departure place for you, just the same as space shuttle lift out point. You will study the entire trail, its entrance and exit ways, and shortcut ways that could be passing from a lake, waterfall, a dense wilderness, etc.

The key point is “you should know your hiking trail like the back of your hand”.

Take a bus or any means to get at the starting point of the trail and then start your countdown timer to timely reach the next point. It is very important to keep yourself on time; it gives you booze to avoid procrastination and laziness.

how to prepare for hiking trip

3. Weather Dynamics Expectation

Most of the time, we hike in outer areas and we didn’t acquaint with the weather pattern. If you have a smartphone, you can find the expected weather conditions through the Accuweather app. But it would be professional if you could manage to buy a triple sensor ABC watch for GPS. Pack the garments that will support the outside conditions.

Don’t forget to keep in mind about the heat and height acclimation in mind, and it will be appropriate to take the advice from a doctor if you have any issues with heat and heights.

For example, if you have any history related to heat allergies and height vertigo than make sure to consult with related specialists. we have a brief article here about trekking essentials

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how to make mind for hiking4. Temperature expectation

Don’t ever ignore the temperature trend for the hiking place. Dig down to find the maximum and minimum graph of temperature.

Then make a list according to it like clothes, tent, sleeping bags and mats, mosquito net, etc. keep a keen eye on activity monitor when you are trekking and hiking.

5. Is there any natural water prospect

You should keep enough water with you, but there should be always other approaches like finding that if there is any old water well, a waterfall, and a plant that can douse your thirst in an emergency.

It is suggested that to boil the water from natural sources before you drink it to prevent diarrhea.

how to think for hiking

6. What kind of ground surface could be there?

It is a tactical approach to keep in mind the surface nature of hiking fields. There could be mountains, marshy land, rocks, and hard uneven soil. Topo maps come to play to predict such kinds of advance details before you put your step on it.

7. Is there any dangerous wild animal

You don’t know about animals and their habits. Visit a near university and have some chitchat with the wildlife department person and inquire about the animals, rodents, water specie that could be possible there make a list.
The list should be noted with the names of animals from highly dangerous to normal levels.

Like you will put lion, tiger, cheetah, snakes on top of list and zebras, deer, and sort of species after the most dangerous animals. Hire a guard, or keep a gun with you after proper training.

how to navigate in hiking

8. How you will navigate about your current position

In the present era, technology is the ultimate companion for every kind of venture. Hiking watch with GPS along with the triple ABC sensors will be enough to track your present location.

But don’t always rely on such fancy gadgets, keep a separate military standard compass, and a high quality printed map.

9. What kind of food I should bring

Pack the food which is easy to digest and instant cook. Normally all types of dry fruits, powders items like milk and soups are recommended.

10. How to tackle an emergency situation

Before setting off for a trip, invest enough time for yoga and other meditation practices. Devise a hazard plan, find your weak points, and cross-check them to the conditions that could prove as a negative effect on your morals.

Have an incident detection system, and set it to send an SOS message to specific connects. The incident detection system comes into hiking watches; they will send your present location to specific connects.

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